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I will warn again about an important issue.

The reflections around you that you want to help and that you want to contribute to your spiritual development can cause you great harm without even noticing them. How does this happen, will we not help anyone ,,,,,,,,,,,?

First, realize that you are a central energy from your own point of view, and every rise and fall in you will affect your area. So, you are responsible for keeping yourself at a high level. This is the highest assistance you will make to those around you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The reflection that steals your energy may be very close to you. He may be doing this unconsciously. It transmits the low vibration caused by the parasites around you, its problems tire you, and you may feel uneasy because of his problems instead of living a life without problems.

Now, let's look at our past life and review our spiritual development process ,,,,,,,,,,

- Is the state we are now at our highest spiritual level?

- If our higher level was not this time, when in the past have we been consciously peaceful, positive, and full of joy of life (I don't mean the youthful, delusional times of illiteracy)

- Who is the person who gives us a low impact now, does it consciously?

- If this negative effect is caused by people in his own field, he should be reminded that he should give warnings about this reflection and use the choice of withdrawal and withdrawal,

- If the reflection does not choose to move away and continues to pull you down in your level of evolutionary peace through its environment, the only thing you can do here is to move away from it.

- In such cases, no folding or helping is out of the question. Because the reflection is at a lower level in evolution, and its attachment effort is pulling you back.

I have written to you over and over again that sometimes love can be used as a cover for pain. Please realize that this is true and review your life.

Let us send lovingly from the field those who want to pull you back and cannot choose to move forward. Affectionately reported