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Seeing the Facts

Sometimes it is enough just to construct a child mindset to see the truth. Most people don't even have that. You can always reach the most accurate view by pulling out of the events, not inside. Being in the events will only give you a limited, even blind perspective, stuck in fiction. However, the truth is only 1m away. The biggest reason for not being able to see the truth is a very high, ignorant ego, caused by excessive emotionality or lack of self-confidence.

When we look at each other's lives, we see the situations in which we are in each other and their lives in the form of folding and we cannot give meaning, we criticize mercilessly.

Now, are you ready to meet your life and see the truth?

Now, let's write the situation of our own life on a piece of paper. Let's assume that we are a writer named A, not X as we write this.

Let's read this article after a while. This period may be a few days. May your awakening be to your highest good, I affectionately suggested.