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Today I wish you to find an answer you have been looking for for a long time and to find peace.

The most important skill you should have; is your ability to make correct judgment in the face of events. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

-This ability collects data along with life experience. As far as you know and know yourself, it is possible for you to know and comprehend the human spirit. With this support, it is possible to process these data in the system. Your judgments will not be correct without these two high.

-You must gain experience. You should have different work experience and friendship circles.

-Please read to get to know yourself, please realize that the development of people who do not read books is incomplete. Not reading puts limitations on consciousness levels.

-Let's be inquisitive, skeptical, skeptical, but these should be constructive attitudes towards research and learning, not to feel insecure.

-You should develop your ability to look at situations and scenes by pulling yourself up from the stage and watching from the outside. Emotional attitudes will turn off your intuition and vision. You will not be able to make the right decisions.

Here, I remind you to see the fake emotion system that functions as fake in order to get to know yourself here. You have been taught to cry, worry, and worry in sad scenes. These are coded for you by your family, all the movies you watch, the songs you listen to, the stories you read, even the fairy tales from your childhood. These are all fake codes.

First of all, you must understand that sadness is not your own and a fake emotion. You only do the behaviors that are registered with you according to the circumstances. I suggest you bring awareness. Do not describe yourself as cruel or unfeeling. When you see things clearly, you have to make decisions that protect your interests and are fair. Emotion has no place in these decisions. Emotion is a very fake cover. Being fair, seeing the facts, loving yourself will make you make the right decision.

-You have to be honest with people. If you are dishonest, you will be out of order. By pretending to be fake, you become an erroneous, corrupted copy that is completely different from what you are. If you are angry with someone, please girl, if you love someone let him know, if you are offended, say so, learn to do everything as it is. If you're hungry, say I'm hungry, if your heart is broken, say I'm broken.

You have to express yourself correctly. Otherwise, your compass will be surprised. Your judgment will develop both incorrectly and incorrectly. Is this very necessary ability to judge us ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we manage and go like this, what is in our minds, we make trial decisions and continue our lives, now why do we need it? which reasoning ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,? I hear you asking ,,,,,,,,,,,

Yes man, you need correct reasoning ability. Because wherever your compass is surprised, your soul darkens a little more and retreats into darkness. Where there is nonsense, there is always negative energy.

You are intelligent beings who do not deserve to live with nonsense. The people around you also deserve fair and correct judgment. You have to give everyone their right. This is a very broad benefit that you will do for the past, the past and the future.

The concept of time exists only in this dimension. Beyond this veil, they are all one. There is no individuality beyond the veil either. Now I think you better understand the importance of the situation. It is all of these that you will heal with correct judgment. Let no one be superior to anybody in your scale, always be fair and give everyone just their rights, that is the main thing. There is no division of advocacy, friendship, kinship or interest in one's scales. Everyone gets their rights. I reported it affectionately.