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Time Limitation

I will give you new perspectives to minimize the effect of time, which is the most important building block of an artificial fiction that exists only in the third dimension, in your life. First of all, we should realize the limitations of our view in the events we live in and our experiences.

Past, present and future distinction creates stuttering and limitations in our perspective. You should always study events and situations in a wide range of fields. Causes and causes are presented to us in a false order as parts of the whole. In the infinite being and in vast knowing they will be next, and even further, they are all determined from the very first movement. Events and situations apply a certain force as if pushing a domino, giving a direct energetic effect on what happens next.

When you return to the last time of your life, you will see that everything is working within a perfect plan. It becomes possible for you to realize that you are in a causal and sequential set up. This broad perspective will help you to overcome the obstacles and problems you are in now.

First of all, noticing the reflections that lower our energy and pull it to negative will give us awareness. You know the importance of this from my previous information. Reflection must know that it is in constant motion, cycle and change and that its energy is active. That's why you should courageously seize the opportunities that come your way for change and innovation one by one.

The clutches deprive you of new beauties that you can access. Those who do not dare and cannot step into innovations lose their energy by staying in a vicious circle, they live in limitedness and pass away from here without taking advantage of the high potentials of their existence. This remains in his record as an incomplete and incomplete experience. Since he did not dare to experience the experiences he should have had reflections, his experiences were incomplete, and perhaps he could not even take the first steps for his spiritual development. He was found in simple life situations such as eating, drinking, traveling, dusting, working, and lived such a life just for words.

I eat and drink in the mortal world, which is the most natural right to say, the constant and recurring discourses of such discouraged reflections. Yes, you can of course live this way, there is no doubt about that. We often see such examples around us. His beings made no spiritual contribution other than material activities such as breeding and working.

Probably, they did not have a proper awareness contribution to their children.

So, what is your purpose in coming to life?

,,,,,,,,,,,,, is your reason for being here ,,,,, reflected in such low expressions?

The person is obliged to make these queries on purpose. We are not satisfied with the current state of humanity. So how does it benefit the new generation? What did we teach the children we raised?

Is it all of our responsibility to send them to good schools, to have them eat good food, to put them in nice clothes?

Of course not. This is just puppetry. If we remove the time limitation from the veil in our eyes and add to this the false limitation of individuality, we will be able to have a real understanding of the situation we are in. You must focus on spreading and producing goodness.

The work you do and your efforts flow directly to you in the real energy field outside. On the other hand, we should especially note that the energy of low behavior and ugly situations flows to you.

What should our steps be to overcome time constraints? What kind of thinking should we have? :

Patience is really important. I must also say that patience is not the same as enduring. One has to make an effort. Patience should develop in a certainty that efforts will certainly pay off. Otherwise, I do not mean to show patience under torture. This is truly an intolerable, inefficient and vicious situation.

- We have to quickly overcome the events we have experienced and upset us, and heal ourselves, heal our past. The past is ashen and no more. Person A person B incident is not here anymore. What happened in the fiction is over and in the past. Now is the time to hurl the ashes of these dead situations and persons into the divine light.

- You should always attach importance to activities that make you happy. These activities should make your body and mind happy and nourish your soul. This activity is not a fruitful and positive activity if all three are not one Let's not forget this rule.

- We may be doing nice activities.

So what is the energy we use while doing good activities?

Could we use more negative energy during this activity? This answer will give you the facial expressions and image of your face. The beautiful activity with a face that looks puffed up, bored, shrunken, stretched, angry ??? You can easily understand that he is not in positive energy.

- Activities in which we have peaceful and happy expressions are peaceful. Have you ever seen a person trembling, angry and tense during meditation? If you have seen it, this is not a meditation. This is an exercise of hatred.

- Our surrender and acceptance is important. Because where there is no this, there is unhappiness, restlessness, discontent. This is also a depression. You don't live to get depressed, I lovingly reminded you.

Now please smile, intend to change and fulfill their renunciation by accepting everything that happens.

Really love the present, without the limit of the future,

Who is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

Please start loving yourself first, because all you see is you already. I reported it affectionately. I wish awakenings with the highest good.