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It is the known mind; there can be no unknown mind. It could be something else, but not the mind. There is only one thing certain about the mind: The mind is the accumulated known. So, for example, if you come to an intersection on the road, the mind says to you, "Go this way, this place is familiar"; this is the mind. If you listen to his existence, he wants to go the unrecognized route: into the unknown.
Being is always adventurous. The mind is always very conservative, very correct. He always wants to follow the footsteps, follow the path he has taken over and over again: the path where there is least resistance. So always listen to the unknown. And gather your courage and step into the unknown. It takes great courage to grow with your destiny, it takes fearlessness. Fearful people cannot step beyond what is known. The familiar gives a kind of comfort and security; because it is known. Man is aware of what he will encounter; man knows what to do. It does what is necessary even when one is almost asleep. There is no need to be awake; this is the comfort of the known. The moment you transcend the limit of the known, a fear arises within you; because now you are ignorant, you don't know what to do or what you can't do. You can no longer be so sure of yourself; now there may be mistakes, you can take the wrong path. Because of this fear, people cling to the known, and once one clings to the known, he is dead.
Life can only be lived dangerously; there is no other way to live it. However, life provides maturity and development thanks to danger. One must be adventurous; must always be ready to risk the unknown for the unknown. And when man enjoys freedom and fearlessness, he never regrets; because now he has learned what it means to live at the highest level. One then knows what it means to light the torch of his life from both ends. And to feel that intensity even for a single moment is much more satisfying than ordinary life forever.