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Archangel Gabriel - Daily message

As you continue to be more specific, we advise you to pay attention not only to your very descriptive I AM ONE ..... 'IM situations, but also to those that include the words always and never. They are energetic levels and very clearly set an intention. Do your "always and never" situations reflect what you really want to create? "Always and never" transmits the energy of past experiences rather than leaving the door open for the universe to reassure you.
Beloved Ones, we insist that you start living in each Present moment, with a clear expectation that every experience, regardless of what you have or have not experienced before, will always reflect who you really are and honor and support you, always appearing for your highest good.
If you see each new day as a new and big adventure, you will be ready to receive the many awards that the universe has in its store for you.
~ Archangel Gabriel