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It is important to protect yourself when you will be in a low energy place / situation such as crowded places or when you are around sick or angry people.

To protect yourself, imagine, think, or see yourself completely surrounded by a light of your choice. You can also lighten other people or objects such as vehicles or houses. The protective shields tear, so you need to reapply this about every 12 hours.

* White Light: Good for protection against crime or physical attack. It invites additional angels around you.


* Pink Light: Pink light protects the shield against negativity. Negative - helpful when you are around people with a mind, complaining or gossip, only love can penetrate through the pink light shield.


* Green Light: Physical healing shield. Use a green light shield for those who are injured or sick.


* Purple Light: Psychic protection. Provides protection against psychic attack and entities.


* Mirror (reflective) sphere: See or feel yourself entering into a mirror-shaped sphere when you feel vulnerable or when your chakras are open and clear and you are going into rough / harsh energy such as foreign crowds or a busy business meeting. All negative energy reflects back from the sphere.


* Bullet shield: Provides protection against negativity when a fight / fight is predicted to begin or when you feel extra vulnerable / vulnerable. See or feel that you are completely surrounded by light lead metal that nothing can penetrate.


  • From Doreen Virtue - Angelic Medicine Book