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Knowing Your Will

To know and understand your own will; it happens with self-understanding. Even if someone who does not know himself yet is 60 years old and very very confident, he is not acting of his own will.

I suggest you review whatever and whoever you are currently reacting to.

Let's start now :

-What are you reacting to?

When did you first notice this reaction?

Is there anyone in the family you're in with the same reaction?

- Are there any people in your environment who have the same reaction?

- Are there any people who have the same reaction in the community of friends you're in?

- Are there anyone in the business environment you are in, who have the same reaction?

- What is free will, how can it be gained?

- Is teasing others free will?

- What did that get you?

- Is your nervous system intact?

You are surrounded by people in reaction. It doesn't matter what matters, they don't have their own will.

Please don't be one of them, love yourself.

You can choose clean and beautiful focus.

Your quality of life may increase.

You can be at peace.