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Awareness in Now

How are you and how are you feeling now?

Please let you ONLY feel the present.

Be aware of the sense of unity and integrity that you feel within your own essence, apart from anxiety for the past and the future. It is here now.

You can now choose positive or negative reflection using your free choice of reflection.

Please ask yourself NOW:

-Which choice supports me? Whatever the subject is, make this inquiry.

-Which choice supports me and makes me feel comfortable?

-What choice makes me feel uneasy and sad?

Now, let's make our choices consciously.

We can only decide in what kind of energy we will reflect.

Neither an ideology, nor a general purpose, nor a group, nor a team, nor a doctrine, in short, anything that separates you from the ONE is not important to you.

Get out of it all and step where only your own self-selection is.

Whoever reaches this awareness is happy, peaceful, and comprehending.

May your choices be with the highest good, I wish you a good day.

- Ebru Atamgazi -