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Chickpea Tofu


Ingredients :

  • Chickpea Flour – aka garbanzo bean flour -this is sold in the gluten-free flour section of most grocery stores. I use Bob’s Red Mill chickpea flour made from ground white chickpeas.
    • Note:You can also find chickpea flour at Indian markets where it will be under the name Gram Flour or Chana Besan.  These other types of chickpea flours are made from brown chickpea or a mix of chickpeas and yellow lentils.  They will also work for this recipe, but some are ground very fine and may need a little more water added to achieve the correct consistency. You can read more about types of chickpea flours and how to make your own in this article from Piping Pot Curry.
  • Salt – for flavor. (Use less if you are making it with broth instead of water.
  • Water – or broth.  I like to use a vegetable broth to add more flavor to the chickpea tofu.

Optional Ingredients:

  • Tumeric – for color. (optional)
  • Nutritional Yeast – for flavor.  I like the depth of flavor that it adds, but it’s totally optional.
  • Spices – you can add any additional spices that you wish.  If you are going to use the tofu for an Italian dish, 1 tsp of Italian spices taste good.  If you are going to use the tofu on tacos or a Mexican style dish, some taco seasoning or cumin tastes great!

Instructions : 

Step 1 – Put 1 cup of chickpea flour in a bowl or measuring container that is easy to pour.  Slowly stir in 1 cup of cold water – stirring constantly until all the lumps are out of it. Set it aside for about 5 minutes while you prepare the hot water or broth.

Step 2 –Heat 2 cups of water or broth plus salt, turmeric, nutritional yeast, and any spices that you wish in a medium-sized saucepan until it boils.

Step 3 –Give the chickpea flour another stir and then add it to the boiling broth while stirring it with a whisk.  It will quickly thicken and turn into a very thick paste. (Don’t taste the chickpea tofu until it is done cooking! Raw chickpea flour tastes terrible!)

Step 4 –Turn down the heat so that it continues to slowly boil but not splash you with bubbles of the thick paste.  Stir constantly for 5 minutes until the mixture is very thick and smooth.

Step 5 –Pour into a dish to set. (I use a 6 X 8-inch rectangular glass dish.)

Step 6 –Allow it to cool at room temperature for about 15 minutes then cover and refrigerate for about 2 hours until it has cooled completely.

Step 7 –Cut into the sized pieces that you want and use like you would tofu.

Pro Tips to make perfect chickpea tofu:

  • Add the water to the chickpea flour slowly and stir well after each little bit you add.  This will prevent clumping.
  • Let the chickpea flour and water mixture sit for at least five minutes before adding to the hot water or broth.  This will help it have a smoother consistency.
  • Once you add the chickpea flour and water mixture to the hot water, stir constantly with a whisk for 5 minutes until the batter has gotten very thick and slightly glossy.
  • Immediately pour the hot chickpea tofu into a mold to set.  It will start to harden as soon as it cools.
  • Allow the chickpea tofu to cool at room temperature for about 15 minutes before covering and putting in the fridge.  This will allow the steam to escape so you get the correct consistency.

How long with chickpea tofu keep?

It will keep for 3-5 days in an airtight container in the fridge.

Can you freeze chickpea tofu?

Yes, it freezes well, so feel free to make a double or triple batch and keep it in the freezer for up to 3 months.

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