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The word vegetarian comes from the Latin "vegetus". As it is thought, "vegetable" is not derived from the word vegetable. Vegetus; It means alive, healthy, full of life. In the definition created in 1842; The diet in which meat, fish and poultry are not consumed and dairy products and eggs are consumed optionally is called vegetarian diet. (Encyclopedia Brittannica)

In 2011, the International Association of Vegetarians (IVU) developed a new definition unanimously by all member states' associations in order to put an end to the confusion on this issue.

According to this; "Vegetarianism is a completely plant-based diet in which animal foods such as dairy products, eggs and honey are included or excluded (optional or not consumed).

Veganism adopts the philosophy of being against the use of all kinds of animal products (wool, leather, silk, etc.) and against the consumption / use of products that have been tested on animals.


1. Veganlarct

Vegans refuse to consume all kinds of meat and meat products as well as animal foods such as milk, cheese and honey. In addition to all these, vegans refuse to use any clothing made from animals. They do not use products of animal origin such as silk, wool or leather.

2. Lacto Vegetarians

Lactos also refuse to consume eggs with any meat and meat products. Because the egg is the beginning of a new formation. Lacto vegetarians adopt a more flexible diet than Vegan and consume milk and dairy products. Already named Lacto comes from here; Lacto means milk.

3.Ovo Vegetarians

Ovolar refuse to consume milk and dairy products along with all kinds of meat and meat products. However, Ovo vegetarians also consume eggs by adopting a more flexible diet than vegans. The name Ovo already comes from here; Ovo means egg.

4. Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians

Lacto-Ovolar refuse to consume all kinds of meat and meat products. However, they adopt a more flexible diet compared to vegan, lacto and ovos, and they consume eggs along with milk and dairy products. The word Ovo-Lacto in its name comes from here, Lacto means milk, Ovo means egg.